Are you your best healthy?!

At such a young age I noticed I seemed to care for others to a level that sometimes it got overwhelming. I often got made fun of because I was/am an emotional person. I cried and cry a lot because my feelings are so extreme. 


When I was sad for someone, I cried. When I was happy, I cried. When I laughed, I cried. 


Now being grown up and a born again Christian, I see it as a positive. I see it as one of the many gifts God gave me to make me “me.” Along with this amazing gift, comes anxiety for me. I tend to be afraid to tell people “no” and end up overwhelmed. I never took time out of my schedule for “me time.” I honestly thought it was just crazy nonsense. 


During the last month, I was reading a book about whole detox. The lightbulb finally went on for me when I read “Detoxing is not just food related. It’s mental, spiritual, and physical health. No matter how healthy you eat, if you are not spiritually or mentally healthy also you will not be your best healthy self.” 


Beings I have been anxious pretty much my whole life, I knew things needed to change. I was in an unhealthy job that caused so much anxiety, I was becoming physically ill. I rarely took time to myself in complete silence without distractions to speak to God. 


It’s time for a new me. A new job. A new fire for our Lord. A new and improved version of myself. 


Now let me turn the question back on you? What is blocking you from being the healthiest you? Is it physically, mentally, or spiritually? 

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