I Raise a Hallelujah

Man God is one amazing God. It's not that I didn't know this before, but when you are having a daily relationship with Him, you see it constantly!


Working one day at my full time job, I had to remove myself and just praise God with tears flowing down my face. These new song that played over the radio pierced my soul immediately. God used this song and still uses it today as a daily reminder. The song is called "Raise a Hallelujah" by Bethel Music. God laid on my heart peace for my little cousin who was fighting cancer, along with my boss's nephew who was having serious health issues AND coming to peace with being able to not have our own biological children. Peace flooded my soul. I trusted in God in these situations and knew that no matter the outcome, God WILL BE GLORIFIED. 


This song, quickly became my daily prayer. "Lord, I raise a Hallelujah! Fear has lost its grip on me! Death is defeated! The KING is ALIVE!" 


When you listen to every word of this song, the truth of our Heavenly Father rushes out and is so overwhelming! What an amazing God we serve! 


A couple months have past since hearing this song and it is still my daily prayer.


My little cousin is in remission of her cancer! PRAISE GOD!

My boss's nephew is healthy! PRAISE GOD!

We are expecting our first baby in February! PRAISE GOD!  


Guys, the trials we face, God knows them. He knows your heart. He just wants you to love and trust His perfect plan. I am not saying that it won't be easy, because the last 4 years have caused us to be on our knees more than ever before, BUT He wants to have that PERSONAL relationship with YOU. I look back on our journey of infertility and EVERY STEP of the way, God's hand was in it. From having gospel conversations before my embryo transfer over a year ago, to our miscarriage, to becoming foster parents, God's intricate plan is perfect! 


So with this I encourage you, raise your Hallelujah! God Bless <3



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