My Amazing Testimony

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post!

I'm excited to start this new journey as a business owner and blog about our experiences and to share with you what God lays on my heart!  Some posts will be uplifting while others may be convicting. As I was getting ready to write my first blog, I had many ideas, but God just kept leading me to the same topic, my testimony. Many of you reading this watched me grow from a rebellious teen to a follower of Jesus Christ. Testimonies are a sweet thing. No matter where you were, or how old you were, it is between you and God. No body can take that away. What a sweet experience to have.  

So, here it goes, my testimony.

My name is Sierra, and I married my high school sweetheart Nick. We live on an acreage, and have 3 dogs: Lily (St. Bernard), Bodie (Lab), & Dixie (German Shepard). I can't forget our cat, Charlie. Our lives are anything but quiet. It seems like we are always doing some sort of diy project, renovation, or working other side jobs. Even with all the craziness in our lives, we find great peace in our Savior! 

Growing up, I truly believed that doing good deeds was giving me brownie points with God to get into heaven. I never had a true relationship with Him, and it showed. I would sometimes lie to my parents about where I was, went to parties, and had worldy relationships. I never thought about my sins, because "I was a good person." What an awful lie I was telling my self. 

With living in a small town community, many sports were consolidated, and some schools even combined. My high school was one of them. We had a handful of guys that wanted to wrestle so they had to go to a school who had it. My brother, Matt, was one of those wrestlers. I thought to myself, 'If I have to go to these meets, I may as well be involved,' so I became a manager for the Algona Wrestling Team. One of my first and favorite memories was my brother, who was the light weight class & this guy who was the heavy weight guy, wrestle each other during warm ups. Yup, you read that right and I have pictures to prove it too! Little did I know that my brother was wrestling my future husband! (God works in amazing ways!) 

Fast forward a little bit, Nick came up and introduced himself to me and we quickly became friends. He became my best friend. He knew my flaws and stuck by me. Nick even told me he had feelings for me, but I friend zoned him at first due to a relationship at that time. Even so, he stuck by me as a friend. When that relationship ended, he was there, just like he always was. By this time we were into our Senior year of High School. We talked about dating but never made it "official," until after his homecoming game! 

Dating Nick, was different then the rest of the guys. It was easy. Knowing now that God's hands were in it this whole time is just amazing to me. Even though our relationship was easy, we were not going to church to be fed spiritually. I remember going to his place hearing Christian music on his mom's computer and thinking I liked the music, but never thought much more. 

Fast forward again to April, I was asked to be a Godparent for the second time. I remember having a light bulb moment thinking, 'My responsibility as a Godmother is to be a spiritual leader in these children's lives.' I felt convicted that I wasn't holding up my end. Nick and I went to his church, and I enjoyed it but it was so different than what my church was like. To be honest, I didn't get much out of that sermon. 

After that, we started going to church every Sunday together. I started learning the truths of Jesus and later asked him to be my boss and treasure of my life. I remember, the exact moment. I was doing homework, listening to Christian music, and my favorite song at the time came on, "Stronger" by Hillsong. The Holy Spirit just poured over me and I fully surrendered to our Loving Savior. It was such a precious moment for me! Shortly after, I was baptized in our church. That day I was in the back waiting to come out after worship, and guess what song came on?! God is just so amazing isn't he! I just thought every little thing God does has a purpose, which should amaze us and put us on our knees and praise Him. 

Years later, I am blessed looking back and seeing what God has done in our lives. From introducing Nick and I,getting married, to starting Inward Beauty, and as odd as this sounds, struggling with infertility. Why do I say that infertility's a blessing? Because He has the GREATEST plan even though we may not understand it. During this struggle for us, we have grown closer to God and each other then ever before. In John 13:7 Jesus replied, "You don't understand now what I am doing, but someday you will." How can you not just rest on that passage? God has a great plan for Nick and I. Whether it's us having our own family biologically or adopting, God's Will be done! I am so thankful for a loving God who sent his only Son to die on the Cross for OUR sins so we can live in eternity with Him! 

So there it is, my testimony. I hope you felt inspired reading it! Maybe this brought up memories of your testimony, and brings you on your knees praising God. Maybe this stirred in your heart conviction. If so, take a moment & pray. Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. Truly from your heart ask for forgiveness of your sins. Turn away from the sins in your life and lean on Jesus, the ONLY solid foundation.  

Thank you & God Bless! 


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